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Susan Ware


Partner and I:
Molly Dewson, Feminism, and New Deal Politics

(Yale University Press, 1987)

Molly Dewson, a life-long Progressive reformer and the driving force behind women's expanded roles in politics and government in the New Deal, inhabited a world where women's personal friendships and professional associations often overlapped. Dewson shared most of her adult life with a woman named Polly Porter, a fifty-two-year partnership that profoundly affected her career. Dewson's woman-centered existence led her to develop a style of feminist political activism that was based on mobilizing networks of reform-minded women in public life and shows one direction feminism took in the years after suffrage.


"Partner and I places Molly Dewson where she eminently belongs – high in the
New Deal pantheon. Her papers have long beckoned a biographer. She has now found
a fine one in Susan Ware whose superior knowledge of the history of women and the
New Deal splendidly qualifies her for the job."
Joseph P. Lash